Ceva's Poultry Group Hosting New Technology Summit

Ceva launches a “new wave of innovation” to help poultry producers meet the performance challenges driven by the need for “No antibiotics” and more sustainable production

Miami, 19 March 2018– The Ceva New Technology Summit, held from March 20th to 22nd, will provide strong scientific evidence that optimal vaccination in the hatchery, with new technology vaccines can create a step change in sustainable production performance.

Innovation driven by the need for improved performance, antibiotic-free production and stringent welfare practice is essential to securing success for poultry producers. For this reason, Ceva has invested significantly in services - diagnostic, laboratory, data analysis and personalized on farm audits to help producers meet the challenges they face in their day-to-day activity.  The company says this comprehensive preventative health approach provides the most advanced solutions, built from sound scientific data and key practical information, all designed to ensure improved chick health.

Ceva’s “new wave of Innovation” anticipates the introduction of several entirely new vaccines:

  • Double insert vector vaccine against ND and IBD - a new generation of vector vaccines answering a major limitation of today’s hatchery vaccination: the impossibility to use 2 HVT vector at the same time for the same bird.
  • A range of Coccidiosis Vaccines: Immucox®3, Immucox®5 and Immucox®T for broilers, breeders and Turkeys.
  • A new generation of Immune complex vaccines for protection of broilers, breeders and layers against IBD, with the presentation of the first representative: Novamune® for Layers.

International experts, primary breeder leaders and large global production companies all participated in a discussion “What is at stake to face ABF & performance challenges?” providing the opportunity to share the latest information on “ antibiotic free” production and the development of sustainable performance in poultry production.

Ceva’s commitment to responsible antibiotic use dates back over 10 years and is today a central part of the preventative health programs that focus on protection as well as reduction of disease spread.

Dr Sylvain Comte, Ceva’s Head of Poultry commented, “This innovative approach aims to ensure that poultry farms are healthier and less exposed to bacterial infections, fulfilling the joint needs of consumers and the poultry producers. Ceva will continue to contribute to improved bird health status and help the industry to face the new challenges of antibiotic free production.”

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