Our values

Our values reinforce our ‘One Ceva’ culture.

From country to country, division to division, our values unite us as we strive to achieve excellence for our customers through innovation.

Customer passion. It’s not about us, it’s about our customers. We listen and learn from them. The customer is the primary concern of everyone at Ceva. Passionate means putting our feelings into “hands-on” service that goes beyond the norm.

Solidarity is about teamwork. Our shared purpose is to combat the world’s major animal health challenges. We give individuals space to make decisions and we respect each other’s work. This extends into our customers’ worlds where we foster open, collaborative relationships.

Entrepreneurial spirit. We empower individuals with the agility to deliver results faster and quicker. We are not afraid to take risks in order to achieve goals. We think and do things differently, creatively.   We find solutions and are accountable for our actions.  Each of us has a sense of urgency to deliver results and the best possible solutions for our customers.

Innovation. Our mindset keeps us focused on the highest quality and continuous improvement. We support a culture of thinking and doing things differently. Being innovative is not only about product innovation but constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways of creating value for Ceva, our customers, and ourselves.

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