Ceva acquires Vetech Laboratories, Inc.

Move adds significant poultry vaccine to innovative portfolio

October 3, 2011, Guelph, Ontario, Canada – Ceva Sante Animale today announced the acquisition of Vetech Laboratories, Inc., a Canadian poultry vaccine manufacturer.  Vetech produces live coccidiosis vaccines for poultry under the trade name Immucox®.  Coccidiosis is a significant disease that can result in high morbidity and reduced feed efficiency in poultry. With the enforced global reduction of in-feed anti-coccidial products, it is likely that vaccines will become even more widespread.

“This move allows Ceva to expand our poultry vaccine range from respiratory to also include intestinal health,” said Marc Prikazsky, CEO of Ceva Sante Animale.  “We’re pleased to continue giving our business partners new options for keeping their operations healthy and productive.”

“Bringing the Immucox products into the Ceva portfolio demonstrates our continued commitment to the poultry industry,” said Craig Wallace, director of Ceva’s North American operations.  “From coccidiosis to Marek’s to IBD, we are dedicated to helping our partners, and their customers, offer healthy, safe poultry products with the use of innovative vaccines.”

Prikazsky continues, “Poultry protein is an important food source around the world.  Protecting the global supply of high quality poultry meat and eggs to the growing population is critical, and it’s why Ceva continues to dedicate resources to poultry vaccination technology.  Through our vaccines, equipment and services, Ceva helps protect both animal and human health.”

Immucox vaccines for breeders, layers, broilers, roasters and turkeys are now distributed in over 40 countries worldwide.  Production of Immucox will remain primarily in Canada.  Ceva’s US operations can be scaled, and the company plans to deploy certain technologies in the US with this specific parasitic disease strain.

About Vetech Laboratories, Inc.: Vetech was founded in 1983 in Rockwood, Ontario, by Dr. Eng Lee and has since relocated its headquarters to its current location of Guelph, Ontario.  The company manufactures Immucox vaccines and the Poultry Puck, vitaminized water in a gel-delivery system to supply chicks and poults with hydration. 

About Ceva: In North America, Ceva’s key poultry products include CEVAC® Transmune IBD, Vectormune® FP and Vectormune® HVT. Key companion animal products include the Vectra® line of parasiticides, D.A.P.® and Feliway® pheromone behavior aids and Senilife® neuroprotection for aging pets. Ceva’s North America Zone headquarters are located in Lenexa, Kansas.  Visit www.ceva.us.  Ceva is a global veterinary health company focused on the research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products and vaccines for pets, livestock, swine and poultry.  Its headquarters is in Libourne, France. Visit www.ceva.com.


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