Ceva Makes $10,000 Donation to Help Pet Owners

Ceva recently made a $10,000 donation to Banfield Charitable Trust to help pet owners afford medical care for their pets.

Each year millions of pets end up in shelters because their owners had nowhere to turn. Banfield Charitable Trust has created a veterinary assistance grant program to help local shelters offer free or low-cost veterinary care within their communities.  

“We couldn’t be more delighted to have this generous support from Ceva.  Thanks to the generosity of our large donors, we are able to accomplish the important work of keeping pets with the families who love them,” said Dianne McGill Executive Director and CEO of Banfield Charitable Trust.  “This wonderful gift will enable us to fund an entire community program somewhere in the US where pets are hurting and their pet parents are wondering how to help.”

With help from industry leaders, they have funded almost 70 programs since they have created this initiative last year.  Banfield is creating a grant in the donor’s name for every $10,000 gift that they receive.

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