Ceva Helps to Expand COVID-19 Testing

MAWD Pathology increases same-day COVID-19 testing using equipment on loan from Ceva

[Lenexa, KS - April 9] Hundreds of people waiting on COVID-19 tests will now receive accurate, same-day results thanks to equipment normally used to ensure the health of poultry and swine.

MAWD Pathology is expanding its ability to provide COVID-19 test results using DNA sequencing equipment on loan from Ceva Animal Health.

With cases rising in the region, MAWD needed to expand capabilities immediately. However, the lead-time to purchase this type of equipment is long. To obtain the diagnostic tools needed to expand testing right away, the pathology group had to think creatively.

“When we first set up testing, our focus was on helping the local hospitals who were seeing far fewer patients with concerns for COVID19.  Reagents were available and our technologists had time so we started with a manual nucleic acid extraction process,” said Dr. Caughron.  “With the rapid rise in the number of patients at local hospitals needing to be tested, as well as strong interest from more facilities in the area and the need to test emergency personnel and other Priority 2 patients, we realized quickly we

needed to increase our capacity.”

Ceva laboratories use these tools on a regular basis. However, it was an easy decision to lend these for use in human health. The instruments Ceva is lending are considered the gold standard for this type of diagnostic process in both humans and animals.

“Ceva is solely focused on developing products for animal health. However, we know the health of humans and animals is interdependent. Our One Health mindset means we always take an interdisciplinary approach to solving health problems. We are fortunate that our current work load could be adjusted to free up these instruments for human testing during the pandemic,” said John El-Attrache, Global Director of Scientific and Innovation Direction at Ceva.

 “MAWD and the Kansas City community owe Ceva a huge thank you for providing the equipment so quickly for MAWD to scale up testing,” said Dr. Caughron.

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About MAWD Pathology
MAWD Pathology is the largest provider of pathology and laboratory professional services in the Kansas City region, with 34 pathologists on staff processing over 130,000 tissue specimens and caring for over 175,000 patients a year.  MAWD pathologists practice at the top of the field with diverse subspecialty expertise in molecular genetic pathology, neuropathology, dermatopathology, and gynecologic pathology, among others.  MAWD pathologists provide services to 17 regional hospitals, 10 regional surgery and endoscopy centers, and over 200 physician offices.  MAWD is proud to be privately owned and managed by its pathologists and to have served the Kansas City region for over 50 years.

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