Ceva Biomune is again expanding facilities to meet demand for its vaccine products.

Ceva Biomune is again expanding facilities to meet demand for its vaccine products.

A $10 million dollar expansion of existing facilities is underway at 8901 Rosehill Road, that will allow the company to increase production capacity and utilize new technology in the process. This is the first phase of a three year expansion that will invest an additional $40 million in the campus. 

“Ceva is and has always been focused on aggressive growth here in Lenexa and around the world,” said Daryl Pint, CEO of Ceva Biomune. “This growth is a commitment to our customers. This expansion and investment helps foster our core values which bridges the art of science to our customers through innovative technology and vaccine development.”

Beam signing at Ceva Biomune construction kick-off event

Since 2005, Ceva has invested over $55 million dollars in the Lenexa campus to support the growth of the vaccine market.  Today, there are 247 employees at Ceva Biomune. 

“Ceva’s rapid growth speaks to the passion and commitment our employees bring to work every day,” said Pint. “Our success is a result of our employees living out Ceva’s values of entrepreneurism, innovation, solidarity and customer service.  Employees, passion and customer focused values equals success” 

Mike Boehm, Mayor of Lenexa, expressed his appreciation for Ceva’s investment in the city. 

 “Ceva’s record of growth is amazing,” said Boehm.  “The investments in vaccine production facilities, the research and development facility, and now this expansion are really exciting and good for the city of Lenexa.”

Lenexa is the Bioscience capital of Kansas said Boehm with more bioscience companies than anywhere else in the state.  Boehm credited Ceva employees for the success and growth of the company.

“Ceva is a very important and meaningful investor and partner of ours in maintaining that distinction.  But it’s the people, Ceva’s employees, who really make the difference. I believe that it’s the quality of the workforce that fuels an expansion and growth record like Ceva’s.  It is their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. It’s their commitment to customer service that fuels this growth,” said Boehm.

Products produced on the campus are sold both domestically and internationally. Ceva has grown its export business from just 12 percent of sales in 2006 to nearly 60 percent of annual sales today.  Vaccines produced in Lenexa are shipped to over 70 countries world-wide.

“Ceva is known as a market leader for our superior customer service and innovation in vaccine production.  This expansion will allow us to meet our goals of being the number one poultry vaccine provider both domestically and around the world.  This is one more step toward our goal of becoming a Top 5 global animal health company by 2020,” said Pint. 

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