Ceva Animal Health growth affirms "together, beyond animal health" initiative

August 29, 2011, Lenexa, Kan. – Just one year later, a strategic acquisition, plant expansion and a strengthened management team for the two arms of Ceva Animal Health, the U.S. business unit of Ceva Santé Animale, signals more North America growth yet...

August 29, 2011, Lenexa, Kan. – Just one year later, a strategic acquisition, plant expansion and a strengthened management team for the two arms of Ceva Animal Health, the U.S. business unit of Ceva Santé Animale, signals more North America growth yet to come.  Both the North America Zone and Ceva Biomune Campus affirm that growth is in alignment with Ceva’s “Together, Beyond Animal Health” initiative. 

“We continue to invest in our people and our facilities in order to innovate and therefore ensure that our products and services have a direct impact in improving global health,” said Marc Prikazsky, Chief Executive Officer of Ceva Santé Animale.

Ceva’s purchase of the Lenexa-based Biomune Company in 2005, marked its re-entry into the U.S. market.  In 2007, Ceva had purchased Butler Sales Associates, an established U.S. companion animal health business, and created Ceva Animal Health.  In August 2010, Ceva acquired a majority share of Summit VetPharm (SVP) from Sumitomo Corporation of America and Sumitomo Corporation.  The acquisition marked Ceva Animal Health’s entry into the parasiticide market with its Vectra® line of products, substantially increasing the company’s U.S. footprint. 

Investing in management assets is a core 2011 strategy.  Industry leader Craig Wallace joined Ceva in February as North America Zone Director, with oversight of U.S. and Canadian commercial operations.  Key Zone appointments include Brad Butler as Chief Operations Officer, Companion Animal; Steve Hoffman as Director, Companion Animal Marketing, and Jeff McCaughey as Director, Companion Animal Sales joining Charlie Bozman, Vice President, Poultry Sales and Marketing and Gary Baxter, Director, Poultry Marketing and Business Development – Poultry. There will also be an additional 20 people added in the Zone to support the Ceva Biomune Campus. 

We’ve integrated our teams and we’ve brought in new people that will help the business continue to grow to meet the demands of our customers.  Our people are a core strength.  They are innovators, they are strategists, and they know the animal health industry.  But most importantly, they know how to listen to the customer to deliver the right product support and services,” said Craig Wallace, Ceva North American Zone Director.  

Investing in research assets is another core strategy.  Biotechnology veteran Daryl Pint was recently named Chief Executive Officer of the Ceva Biomune Campus after successfully overseeing the $18M development of a new 55,000 state-of-the art poultry vaccine plant and the update of an existing plant. 

In June, Dr. Steve Chu joined Ceva as Vice President, Global Biology Research and Development.  Chu has a long and distinguished background.  He has developed many vaccine firsts including the first West Nile vaccine and is co-developer of a reverse genetic avian influenza vaccine against highly pathogenic H5N1. 

“The Ceva Biomune Campus is now well-positioned to serve both domestic and global markets.  The original output for this plant was almost entirely for the U.S. market.  Now with a facility that has doubled our output capacity and excellent research capabilities, we can effectively service increased demand for our vaccines plus create and utilize new vaccine technology,” said Daryl Pint, Chief Executive Officer of Ceva Biomune Campus.

Ceva is well-known for its dedication to providing animal health products and services that ultimately benefit humans.  Just one example from the North America Zone are its Vectra® vaccines that keep pets  healthy.  The Biomune Campus’s contribution to the “One Health” effort is clear: poultry vaccines keep the world’s food supply safe and sufficient to meet the needs of an ever-growing population. 

The global veterinary community embraces “One Health” as part of the 2011 World Veterinary Year.  In the U.S., the American Veterinary Medical Association has wholly embraced the “One Health” initiative.  As part of the Ceva global business, the North America Zone and Ceva Biomune is fully committed to Ceva’s broader vision of how the company can positively impact the health of animals and ultimately humans. 

Ceva’s three principles address these issues:

  1. Ceva is dedicated to combating zoonoses and, by extension, the threat of serious pandemics.
  2. Ceva is committed to helping feed the world through ensuring sufficient, safe and high-quality food resources.
  3. Through Ceva’s work with companion animals, we contribute to psychological, emotional, and physical well-being in our increasingly urbanized society. 

“With our robust commercial assets of people, research capability and commitment to delivering products that meet our market needs in place, Ceva Animal Health is naturally aligned to help fulfill our global mission of  ‘Together, Beyond Animal Health.’  It’s a powerful message that keeps us focused as we continue to grow,” said Wallace.

About Ceva Animal Health: Ceva’s key companion animal products include the Vectra® line of parasiticides, D.A.P.® and Feliway® pheromone behavior aids and Senilife® neuroprotection for aging pets.  Ceva Biomune’s key poultry products include CEVAC® Transmune IBD, Vectormune® FP and Vectormune® HVT.  Ceva Biomune Campus and the North America Zone headquarters are both located in Lenexa, Kansas.  Visit www.ceva.us.

About Ceva Santé Animale: Ceva’s parent company is a global veterinary health company focused on the research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products and vaccines for pets, livestock, swine and poultry.  Its headquarters is in Libourne, France. Visit www.ceva.com.

For more information, please contact Carolyn Gilliland at carolyn.gilliland[at]ceva.com or 913.945.4448.


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