Focus on responsibility

We embrace the need to be a socially responsible

Ceva embraces its social responsibility to contribute to animal and human welfare in a responsible and ethical way. 

Environmental stewards

Since April 2013, more than 827,128 lbs of plastic and cardboard has been recycled on campus. To put that in perspective, that is like keeping 217 automobiles from going to the landfill. Our Environmental Impact Committee meets regularly to talk about current recycling operations and future initiatives.

Animal welfare

Many studies have shown that pet-owners tend to be happier, healthier, less anxious and less isolated than people without pets.

But adapting to life in an increasingly urbanized world can be stressful for dogs and cats. That is why Ceva provides owners with a full range of therapeutic solutions designed to optimise the lives they share with their four-legged friends, including innovative products such as ADAPTIL® and FELIWAY® that have revolutionised the treatment of behavioural disorders.

We work with veterinarians and animal charities to educate people about the causes of pet’s behavioural problems. Such problems are the major cause for pets being abandoned and in too many cases then euthanized. We supply many animal welfare charities with Adaptil® and Feliway® products to help pets transition into both foster and forever homes.   

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