History in the U.S.

Growing Presence in the United States.

Founded in 1999, Ceva has become one of the fastest growing animal health companies in the world. Since 2000, Ceva has completed more than 30 successful business integrations accounting for 40 percent of overall growth.


Vaccine Production Facility Grand Opening, 2011

Here is the history of Ceva's expansion in the United States.

2002 - Launch of Feliway and DAP pheromone diffusers

2005 - Acquired Biomune Company, a high-tech vaccine manufacturer in Lenexa, Kan. 

2007 - Acquired Butler Sales Associates, Inc., and gained access to U.S. veterinary hospitals through an extensive distribution network 

2010 - Acquired Summit VetPharm adding the Vectra brand of parasiticides to its companion animal portfolio

2011 - New poultry vaccine facility opens on the Lenexa campus

2012 - Ceva consolidated its North American Headquarters in Lenexa

2013 - Opened state-of-the-art Research and Development facility in Lenexa
             Acquired Sogeval Laboratories  

2014 - Expansion of headquarters space finalized
           Kicked off three-year project to expand vaccine production facilities
           Opened new FDA approved warehouse in Kansas City
           Preparation for Swine business unit launch

2015 - Patented method for delivering a soft edible gel as a carrier for vaccines, proboitics
                and nutritional supplements to poultry in the hatchery
           Opened new poultry warehouse in North Carolina
           Completed 10,000 s.f. expansion of vaccine production facilities
           Groundbreaking for 35,000 s.f. new vaccine production facilities
           Received first U.S. license for the swine market
           Swine production facilities coming on line. 

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