Poultry protein is an important food source for cultures across the globe. Protecting the global supply of high quality poultry meat and eggs to the fast growing human population is critical. This is why Ceva has made a major commitment to poultry vaccination...

Ceva employees deliver value and innovation for our customers and the poultry industry. Ceva employees love healthy chickens and we love to improve the health of your poultry flocks by providing solutions that improve your bottom line and help you meet your business and financial goals.

Ceva's ambition is to be the U.S. market leader in poultry vaccines. To achieve that goal, we must have the best people in the business offering the best products in the industry. 

The passion, dedication and commitment we bring to all of our relationships ensure that we deliver value to every customer and company that chooses Ceva’s vaccines for the health of their flock.  

We do that by: 

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