75% of all emerging human infectious diseases are of animal origin. Ceva products fight against the spread of infectious disease that can be transmitted from wild or domestic animals and birds to humans – diseases known as zoonosis.

Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting and sand flies, lice and mites can spread diseases to humans, dogs, cats and other animals. Those external parasites are called “vectors” and the diseases they transmit are considered “vector-borne diseases." Heartworm and Lyme are just two examples of diseases spread by external parasites.

With the Vectra® line of veterinary-exclusive products, Ceva brings third-generation solutions based on an innovative quick-kill insecticide, Dinotefuran, to protect both cats and dogs against vectors.

Vectra 3D®:  Broad spectrum protection against vectors for dogs

Vectra 3D is a unique combination of three active ingredients carefully formulated into a system that allows the product to spread quickly and adhere to the dog’s body. Vectra 3D repels and kills on contact: adult fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, mites, biting and sand flies.  It also controls development of all immature flea stages: eggs, larvae and pupae.

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Vectra brand flea control

Vectra for Cats & Kittens®, Vectra for Cats®, and Vectra for Dogs & Puppies® all provide quick onset of activity against adult fleas, and controls all immature flea stages (eggs, larvae and pupae).  Available in convenient dosing sizes according to body weight.

Every package of Vectra® line of products is protected with Bloodhound® Technology, a proprietary track and trace system ensuring veterinary exclusivity and product authenticity.  Parasite control belongs in the hands of veterinary professionals to ensure pets receive the right dose at the right time.  Every package of Vectra topicals can be traced from manufacture to veterinary hospital, securing the safety of pets and veterinarians' vital role as their medical experts.

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