Companion Animals

Ceva's goal is to become your resource for innovative products and solutions that enhance the health of pets.

Ceva offers you the power of 100+ products designed to help you keep pets healthier inside and out. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable, caring professionals comes to work every day with a shared purpose to help you and your clients provide the best pet care possible.

Parasitology and vector protection  

With the emergence and the increasing pressure of vector-borne diseases, Ceva provides external parasite solutions with the VECTRA® line of veterinary-exclusive products such as VECTRA 3D®. Offering broad-spectrum against many disease-transmitting vectors, VECTRA 3D®, VECTRA® for Dogs & Puppies, and VECTRA® for Cats & Kittens are effective, reliable and easy to use, and provide protection for pets, pet owners and veterinarians. 

Ceva's MilbeGuard ( Milbemycin oxime) is a monthly heartworm preventative for both dogs and cats that also protects against other parasites. 


The skin of dogs and cats is their first line of defense against environmental aggressors. To manage dermatological conditions, as well as maintain a healthy skin barrier, we offer unique, user-friendly solutions. Soap-free, multi-tasking and supported by clinical studies, the DOUXO® makes treatment time, bonding time.

Encouraging Positive Behavior 

Ceva offers several innovative products that can support veterinarians and pet parents who need to address behavior disorders in cats and dogs.

  • FELIWAY® helps prevent unwanted behavior in cats such as urine marking and vertical scratching
  • ADAPTIL provides an innovative approach to the behavior problems specific to dogs such as fear of loud noises
  • SENILIFE® improves behavior changes associated with the brain’s aging process in dogs and protects pets from cognitive decline
  • URINE AWAY offers a permanent solution to pet urine odor and stains

Health & Wellness

Whether it’s age-related, illness-related or due to some other factor, dog and cat diets sometimes need supplementing. We offer supplements for overall pet health, as well as special formulations designed for specific nutritional needs. All to keep pets on the path to wellness.

Dental Health

It’s debatable whether dogs and cats smile. But what’s not debatable is the importance of good dental hygiene. Just like humans, pets need their teeth to last a lifetime, and making sure they’re clean and bacteria-free is essential to the overall health of the pet. That’s why CLENZ_A_DENT® offers a variety of innovative solutions for cleaning pet teeth and mouths.

Pain and Mobility

Some pets are more prone to joint issues than others. Some just get older and need more help getting up and around. Whatever the cause, we have a solution to help in a variety of forms that make daily doses easy and, most of all, painless.

From one country to another, product lines are adapted to local demand and regulatory requirements. For further information, please search for your country. Note: product information varies according to national registrations. Access to technical information is restricted to authorized visitors.

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