Ceva acquires portfolio of Merial swine and cattle vaccines and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories from Boehringer Ingelheim

These products are expected to create tremendous value for the global organization.

19 January 2017: Ceva Santé Animale today completed the acquisition of a diversified portfolio of products, including swine and cattle vaccines and multi-species nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories from Boehringer Ingelheim following its acquisition of Merial Animal Health.

All the products will be immediately available through local Ceva companies or its distributors, with no interruption of supply.  Products acquired in the acquisition are primarily available in the European Union. 

Ceva has been consistently one of the fastest growing top 10 veterinary businesses in the last decade, investing heavily in the development of vaccines, as part of its global preventative health strategy.

“We are delighted to acquire this range of products and strong pipeline of R&D assets.  The know how behind these products dates from Pasteur, Rhone-Merieux, Merial and now as Ceva we are conscious that we have a responsibility to maintain this strong veterinary scientific tradition.  Our customers can be assured that we will continue to invest to develop the products of both today and tomorrow,” said Dr. Marc Prikazsky, Ceva Chairman and CEO

As previously announced Ceva gains significant market share in swine biology with the addition of 4 Merial vaccines:

  • Circovac® vaccine against Porcine Circovirus type 2 (outside the US)
  • Progressis® vaccine against Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)
  • Parvovax® vaccine against Porcine Parvovirus
  • Parvoruvax® vaccine against Erysipelas and against Porcine Parvovirus

This acquisition also includes the bovine vaccine Mucosiffa® and 4 non-steroidial anti-inflammatories:

  • Equioxx®  - equine (outside the US)
  • Genixine® - equine, bovine and swine
  • Ketofen® 1% injection and tablets for dogs and cats (outside Canada) 
  • Ketofen® 10% injection equine, bovine and swine (outside Canada) 

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