Newcastle - Bronchitis Vaccine Mass. Type, Killed Virus

  • Description

    LAYERMUNE 2 contains Newcastle disease virus and infectious bronchitis viruses of the Mass. 41 and Mass. Holland strains.  The viruses are inactivated and suspended in an oil emulsion.


    The vaccine is indicated for use in healthy chickens prior to the onset of egg production as an aid in the prevention of diseases caused by Newcastle disease virus and infectious bronchitis virus of the Mass. type.  One dose of Layermune 2 provides uniform and high serological titers throughout the lay cycle, eliminating the need for use of live Newcastle and bronchitis vaccines during lay.


    Vaccinate chickens 18 weeks of age or older with 0.5 ml (1/2cc) per bird.  The vaccine is to be administered by the subcutaneous route in the back of the neck, midway between the head and the body, in a direction away from the head.  Do not inject into muscle or vertebrae. 


    Catalog No. 821

    1,000 doses in each 500 ml bottle


    Do not vaccinate with oil emulsion vaccine within 42 days before slaughter.  Store this vaccine between 35 - 45°F (2 – 7°C).  Vaccinate only healthy chickens.  Do not freeze. Avoid injection of this vaccine into a human.  Should accidental injection of a human occur, seek medical attention immediately since a serious localized reaction may result.

    Quality Assurance

    Every serial of this vaccine has been carefully produced and has undergone purity, sterility, potency and safety tests to meet Ceva Biomune’s quality standards and USDA regulations.  Refer to the product label for specific use instructions and precautions.

    This vaccine is not returnable.